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Devyn O-S
Devyn O-SCloughjordan, Ireland

Hi there! Devyn from Ireland, part of the GROW team

I'm Devyn, living in Ireland, and part of the GROW communications team. I have a small back garden, and this year joined a community polytunnel. I'm really interested in the yield side of things - what do we do with everything we've grown? Because of this, I teach a Permaculture Kitchen

Helen Butt
Helen ButtLeeds, United Kingdom


I recently did a MOOC with the GROW Observatory, which I found personally useful and insightful. Anyway, I have a small -and growing - forest garden in the North of England. I'm also interested in hugelculture as a way of improving the growing capacity of my sandy loam soil.

Peter Davies
Peter DaviesNantille, France

My Plot in France

Hi I am a retired teacher, who divides his time between the UK and France. At my French house in dept. 17, I have about 400m2 set as a vegetable garden. I practice a sort of "raised bed" "no dig" system. I have 8 plots that can be cultivated from

Jackie Kerr
Jackie KerrDUNFERMLINE, United Kingdom


Hi, Jackie from Scotland. Just finished the GROW future learn course which I loved. I have a diploma in conservation, biology and management and I am involved in many green issues. I have a small productive patch in my garden which is growing in size and I also keep part

Eva Nikolajsen
Eva NikolajsenSkanderborg, Denmark


Hi. I'm Eva from Denmark. To be a part of GROW excites me, because I already have learned so much about soil and how to care for it. At my "Natures Playground" a broad variety of native and exotic plants are currently GROWing like crazy to build up the loamy sand

Silke W
Silke WDenmark

Hello everybody,

my name is Silke and I, too, headed over here from the MOOC at FutureLearn. I have a growing -continously extending- patch of vegetables and fruit in the back-garden.