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All About Soil

**Share information about your soils, ask questions about your soil** Soil is the essential ingredient at the heart of our food systems, our ecosystems, and even human health. It is a threatened resource, vital to our future. The EU and UN recognise a number of key threats to soil and

Soil challenges and solutions

**If you have some challenges or have solved a problem, share it here!** Growing healthy and nutritious plants is dependent on having good soil. * But what if your soil is less than perfect? * Do you have and tips and techniques for improving soil or dealing with less-than-optimal

Living Soil

Living Soil is the GROW Observatory monthly theme for August. Each month, GROW looks at a topic or theme related to our project goals. This becomes our monthly theme, and we develop blogs, activities, and other content to share with you. We also look to other content creators who have interesting