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Techniques and growing practices

**All about growing edible plants** From windowsill to field, from dealing with drought to managing floods, from composting to companion-planting, no-dig (or no-till), to swales, or mulching to hugelkultur, there are many different techniques to sustainable growing. * Which are your favourites? * Which don't suit your region? Which are

Plants and species

**What does your garden grow? Share your favourites, look for new edible options.** * What grows well in your growing space? * What have you tried without success? * What are your favourite combinations of plants to grow together (guilds)?

Microclimates/local growing conditions

**Share your experiences and tips for growing in your local region** Just because we live in a particular country or region, doesn't mean we all experience the same climates. * How do local variations in the landscape and weather affect your growing? * Or on a finer scale, perhpas your growing