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Gavin Minion
Gavin MinionStornoway, United Kingdom

Isle of Lewis

Hi all, we have a croft in North Tolsta on the Isle of Lewis, we have several raised beds, a 250m^2 area for potatoes, onions

George Herd
George HerdGlenrothes, United Kingdom

My introduction...

Hello all, I live in Glenrothes in Fife, Scotland. As well as a few raised beds in the garden at home, I also have an allotme

Diane Schofield
Diane SchofieldScotland, United Kingdom

Record Sheets?

Does anyone know if the record sheets are available anywhere please? Or - how are radishes to be recorded ... head count? wei

Carol Knight
Carol Knightcoventry, United Kingdom


Lovely to meet you all. Sorry I pretty much gave up keeping up to date with IT many operating programmes ago. We will get the