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There seem to be a number of people active in various threads on this site. All of them are experimenting in some way. Is t

oliver moore
oliver mooreCloughjordan, Ireland

posting pics

Hi folks, Oliver here from GROW Communications. We are working on improving the functionality of this hub. In the meantime, i

Moon planting?

With planting the 3 crops which moon cycle do we aim for? With beans, spinach and radish each would be planted under differen

Stefanie Pearce
Stefanie PearceIdanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Search function?

Dear GROW website development team, As far as I can see, there is no function that permits searching for an existing discussi

Diane Schofield
Diane SchofieldScotland, United Kingdom

What's your weed?

I have dug out at least 3 wheelbarrows full of creeping buttercup from on and around my veg plots! I also get masses of Bitte