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GROWing spaces

Tell us about your GROWing space - what is it like, what do you grow? What are your goals for the space? Any challenges? Have you come across any other interesting growing projects that might inspire other growers?

All about the GROW Observatory

What is the GROW Observatory project all about? What can I give/what do I get? Hopefully you've had a lot of your questions answered on our main site GROW Observatory? You've joined the online discussion community - welcome! Have you signed up for the Newsletter to hear the latest from GROW? The next step might

Microclimates/local growing conditions

**Share your experiences and tips for growing in your local region** Just because we live in a particular country or region, doesn't mean we all experience the same climates. * How do local variations in the landscape and weather affect your growing? * Or on a finer scale, perhpas your growing

Plants and species

**What does your garden grow? Share your favourites, look for new edible options.** * What grows well in your growing space? * What have you tried without success? * What are your favourite combinations of plants to grow together (guilds)?

Techniques and growing practices

**All about growing edible plants** From windowsill to field, from dealing with drought to managing floods, from composting to companion-planting, no-dig (or no-till), to swales, or mulching to hugelkultur, there are many different techniques to sustainable growing. * Which are your favourites? * Which don't suit your region? Which are

Soil challenges and solutions

**If you have some challenges or have solved a problem, share it here!** Growing healthy and nutritious plants is dependent on having good soil. * But what if your soil is less than perfect? * Do you have and tips and techniques for improving soil or dealing with less-than-optimal

All About Soil

**Share information about your soils, ask questions about your soil** Soil is the essential ingredient at the heart of our food systems, our ecosystems, and even human health. It is a threatened resource, vital to our future. The EU and UN recognise a number of key threats to soil and

Forum Netiquette

# Forum Netiquette Just as having good etiquette in face-to-face contact helps your communication, having good online etiquette - or 'netiquette' - can help you have effective online conversations. To ensure that you are an effective communicator online, please familiarise yourself with these Netiquette guidelines. The principles of effective online discussions are