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james freeman
james freemanLiverpool, United Kingdom

First week complete!

Very happy to join such a varied community. Learning is what keeps me connected when I'm not out and about much. This is a wo

Jenni Greihill-Lowcock
Jenni Greihill-LowcockRHAYADER, United Kingdom

Saying Hi

Hi, My name is Jenni. My husband and I are on the less popular side of 60 years old but don'r feel it - well, not all the tim


Hello, am moyosore for Nigeria. am about to study environmental studies in the USA for my degree. am here to learn #growobser

Heather Booker
Heather BookerIlfracombe, United Kingdom

Introducing myself

Spending most daylight hours, wet & very windy weather excepted , in my garden. Garden without the use of chemicals &

Mick Poultney
Mick PoultneyHalesowen, United Kingdom

composting & no dig

evening all , i have 1.5 allotments & grow veg , fruit & gladiolus . i make wine & preserves out of most things i

Linda White
Linda WhiteLondon, United Kingdom

Hello to you all

I'm Linda I live in South London and have an allotment, since last April. I am a novice, but I'm very keen to learn about imp