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Techniques and growing practices

**All about growing edible plants** From windowsill to field, from dealing with drought to managing floods, from composting to companion-planting, no-dig (or no-till), to swales, or mulching to hugelkultur, there are many different techniques to sustainable growing. * Which are your favourites? * Which don't suit your region? Which are

Soil challenges and solutions

**If you have some challenges or have solved a problem, share it here!** Growing healthy and nutritious plants is dependent on having good soil. * But what if your soil is less than perfect? * Do you have and tips and techniques for improving soil or dealing with less-than-optimal

All About Soil

**Share information about your soils, ask questions about your soil** Soil is the essential ingredient at the heart of our food systems, our ecosystems, and even human health. It is a threatened resource, vital to our future. The EU and UN recognise a number of key threats to soil and

Forum Netiquette

# Forum Netiquette Just as having good etiquette in face-to-face contact helps your communication, having good online etiquette - or 'netiquette' - can help you have effective online conversations. To ensure that you are an effective communicator online, please familiarise yourself with these Netiquette guidelines. The principles of effective online discussions are