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Jackie Kerr
Jackie KerrDUNFERMLINE, United Kingdom


Hi, Jackie from Scotland. Just finished the GROW future learn course which I loved. I have a diploma in conservation, biology and management and I am involved in many green issues. I have a small productive patch in my garden which is growing in size and I also keep part

Peter Davies
Peter DaviesNantille, France

My Plot in France

Hi I am a retired teacher, who divides his time between the UK and France. At my French house in dept. 17, I have about 400m2 set as a vegetable garden. I practice a sort of "raised bed" "no dig" system. I have 8 plots that can be cultivated from

Helen Butt
Helen ButtLeeds, United Kingdom


I have just borrowed a book from the library ('Food from your forest garden' by Martin Crawford and Caroline Aitken) which reminded me about sauerkraut. The purple sprouting broccoli has finished and rather than put the leaves in the compost bin, I am going to preserve and eat them. (I

Helen Butt
Helen ButtLeeds, United Kingdom


I recently did a MOOC with the GROW Observatory, which I found personally useful and insightful. Anyway, I have a small -and growing - forest garden in the North of England. I'm also interested in hugelculture as a way of improving the growing capacity of my sandy loam soil.

Devyn O-S
Devyn O-SCloughjordan, Ireland

Hi there! Devyn from Ireland, part of the GROW team

I'm Devyn, living in Ireland, and part of the GROW communications team. I have a small back garden, and this year joined a community polytunnel. I'm really interested in the yield side of things - what do we do with everything we've grown? Because of this, I teach a Permaculture Kitchen

GROWing spaces

Tell us about your GROWing space - what is it like, what do you grow? What are your goals for the space? Any challenges? Have you come across any other interesting growing projects that might inspire other growers?

Microclimates/local growing conditions

**Share your experiences and tips for growing in your local region** Just because we live in a particular country or region, doesn't mean we all experience the same climates. * How do local variations in the landscape and weather affect your growing? * Or on a finer scale, perhpas your growing

Plants and species

**What does your garden grow? Share your favourites, look for new edible options.** * What grows well in your growing space? * What have you tried without success? * What are your favourite combinations of plants to grow together (guilds)?