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Rosie Hall
Rosie HallLeeds, United Kingdom

new learner

Hi I have just joined FutureLearn. I live in Yorkshire UK and have been a grower for about 50 years. My background is in clin

Marco Bertaglia
Marco BertagliaBrebbia, Italy

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Marco and I have just started the FutureLearn course. I both work as a researcher in agroecology, soil, ecosys

June Williams
June WilliamsFfairfach, United Kingdom

Introducing myself

Hi my name is June and I have just started the FutureLearn course. I belong to a local permaculture group and we are in the m

André Rocha
André RochaSerra do Bouro - Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Hello, Congratulations for the initiative to all involved. I'm part of the team that is trying to push initiativ

Joanne Harvey
Joanne HarveyDumbarton, United Kingdom

School garden

Hi, we have had a tiny school garden for ten years with minimal interest from pupils. However, this year, a few very enthusia