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Carol Knight
Carol Knightcoventry, United Kingdom

Growing in the Uk

How are other experimenters in the UK getting on? We are growing on a half lottie plot in central England 52.398441 -1.539872

Wendy McCombes
Wendy McCombesCoupar Angus near Perth and Dundee, United Kingdom

Meet GROW at Tayport

GROW will be at the Tayport Family Fair on the afternoon of Sunday 27th May. A chance for us to meet up.


There seem to be a number of people active in various threads on this site. All of them are experimenting in some way. Is t

oliver moore
oliver mooreCloughjordan, Ireland

posting pics

Hi folks, Oliver here from GROW Communications. We are working on improving the functionality of this hub. In the meantime, i

Moon planting?

With planting the 3 crops which moon cycle do we aim for? With beans, spinach and radish each would be planted under differen