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The team at GROW Dundee enjoyed doing our first webinar Your Soil Your Data - you can read more in Drew Hemment's blog in GROW Stories on Medium. For those who took part in our the first online course, we hope that you enjoyed the experience and welcome your comments (to help for the next one). We are doing some editing to the webinar (you may guess which bits if you took part!) and adding some context to make the questions and responses more accessible to the GROW wider community.

Have you visited the GROW Observatory Medium page? A growing collection of GROW stories on communities, #soil, #data, #CitizenScience & #permaculture from all over the world. #YourSoilYourData which you can find at Or go to the main GROW website and take a look under Latest.

Watch the webinar here on Your Soil Your Data,

Give us your feedback on what was good (and what could definitely have been better) here if you like. Now back to the weeds...


Helen ButtLeeds, United Kingdom

Thank you, Naomi.