Worms in the soil of a bioactive enclosure?

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I was wondering what everyone thinks about worms being added to a bioactive set-up for a ball python? The set-up has been established for about 2 years now. There are springtails, isopods and a few other "clean-up crew" critters that have established and flourished. There are live plants growing in the enclosure, including dracaena, mass cane, bromeliad, epipremnum and a few varieties of philodendron. The humidity in the set-up stays around 60-65%, but it is the temperature of 78-90 degrees that worries me. Can worms survive in a soil substrate that is roughly 6-9" deep and has snake waste being added to it?

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Hi Felicia

Compost earthworms, also known as brandling or tiger worms (Eisenia fetida and Dendrobaena species) should be able to survive in those temperatures and humidity. Sometimes they turn up on their own from potted plants! I would just add a few to start and monitor them, as if you added lots in one go and they died it would be unpleasant. If the like the conditions and there is plenty of food (the eat any dead plant materials) they reproduce very rapidly.

Best wishes

Victoria (GROW Citizen science facilitator, and earthworm fan!)