Working for GROW and GROWing in my life - Amanda Wilman, Fife, Scotland, UK

Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone and anyone! If you are interested in the ambitions of the GROW Observatory then we have something in common. I've been growing on a small family scale for 25 years now, encouraging as much self sustainability as possible while travelling with my family through Europe and America following my husband's work. What I learnt in a fertile garden in Hampshire had to be adapted to to unloved, cold, windy suburban garden plots in northern Germany and then to radical heat and moisture changes in Virginia, USA and now in a short and cool growing season in Scotland. My life experience has therefore made me ready for the idea of being a citizen who provides scientific data to help Europe while learning more about GROWing. So I applied for and got the post of internal communications officer for GROW. I have had so much to learn about research and innovation projects, Europe wide collaborative working and how to fit all this into a part time working week (!), but 14 months on I remain as passionate as are all the great people in the GROW consortium partner organisations about demonstrating how citizens observatories can work. The support by the European Commission for our climate change project and others under the Horizon 2020 initiative is a wonderful opportunity and we GROW participants must make the most of the time we have together.. I will be answering many of the queries that arise on these forums or making sure they get to the right person with the answers in the larger GROW team, so I hope to hear at least a couple of lines from most people who join the GROW Observatory. Feel free to tell us in the GROW community what you want out of the project through these discussion forums or our FB and Twitter platforms. I look forward to GROWing more in 2018!


It's great to hear about your growing background! Thanks for sharing.

Hi, wonderful to hear about you and your background! Extreme growing conditions! I am also in Scotland, working on a PhD at University of Stirling researching freshwater ecology and have been growing veg and fruit as well as foraging for my family for around 5 years. My interests are water, soil, vegetation and the stress margins between human activity (often necessary) and nature/habitat. It's great to be learning about GROW !

Good to hear your story Amanda, thanks.

Good to hear your story Amanda, thanks.