winter gathering in the forest garden

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And again we‘ll have a winter gathering in the forestgarden in Verden, Germany! These are the dates: December 15th to 21th in Verden. Housing is in heated rooms to be on the safe side. Near to winter solstice we’re probably getting up in the dark and at half past 4 it’s dark again. The time in between we’re gonna spend (besides having picnic) fighting the wild jungle in the forestgarden. Trembling poplars, oaks, birches, hazels, goat willows are spreading faster than we want them to. Besides we’re gonna plant some new goodies for humans/birds. The birches that are within the fence are also in need of their yearly cut. In the evenings we can learn from each other, spend time in the group, discuss, cook, party and hang around.

We are looking forward to meeting people from other gardening projects as well as interested people without any knowledge, to meeting the ones we already know as well as new people!

From participants we request the following things

  • apply early and binding via mail. There are only limited places. You can also join only for a certain time of the gathering. We’ll ask you to pay a deposit to confirm your participation and save you a spot.
  • we wish for a fee for the costs of the food (they’re gonna be low, there’s gonna be some dumpsterdiving and donations).
  • You’ll need warm clothes! Respiring shoes are empirically good, they have to be big enough so that you can wear at least 2 pair of thick socks easily. And it also can rain at that time of the year…
  • You need a car or a bike to be mobile.
  • The gathering is a pro-feminist space. Everyone should be able to feel good at the camp and so should be save from violations of his or her personal borders. Everyone should be able to tinker with his or her own identity and shouldn’t be pushed into a certain one. So macho-behavior and homophobia would be out of place. For these things everybody should take responsibility.



Thanks for sharing your event again with the GROW community. It would be great to hear what your experience of GROW citizen science activities has been as well? Have you taken any of our online courses for example? Or taken part in our Experiments as part of our Living Soils mission? The data gathered from this is part of our lates online course, Citizen Science: From Data to Action has just started and for people new to GROW our introductory course Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky is open for registration again (course starts in the spring). See more in Latest

honestly your webpage hasn't been too overseable the first years and just today I found the german version. Slowly I get an impression about what Grow is and what it wants ***Steph