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Hi I am unsure where I should record that I have planted my plot for the experiment and the details. I am confused between the future learn course and the 3 crop experiment. The notes I downloaded have advice on what to record but I have lost the place on line to do this. Planted last Monday (week ago) and radishes already coming up thanks Isis

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Hi Isis

The form for recording your planting dates and ordering a soil test kit (if you are in Europe) is at: https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/polycultures-v-monocultures/experiment-data.

The rest of the instructions for the Experiment can be found at: https://knowledge.growobservatory.org/article-categories/polycultures-v-monocultures/. This will be were the forms for the harvest results will go too, unfortunately we have had some technical delays getting them uploaded.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes Victoria