Where do I get sensors from please?

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Where do I get sensors from please?


Hi David, I have them and can supply you with them. I am in Coupar Angus and am the Scottish Community Champion. Unfortunately I do not have your name and details on the database supplied to me. Where are you, what size of growing area do you have and any idea of how many sensors you can accommodate? Wendy McCombes

Sorry, Dawn, I called you David. The offer still stands. If you let me know where you are and how big your growing area is I'll get sensors to you. Wendy

Hi Dawn, if you complete the application to be a participant form linked above by Victoria this will give the information to the community champion (Wendy who has responded to you above) about your plot so that she can arrange to talk through the Changing Climate mission to get sensors into the ground and registered to the GROW website.