What is the point of signing up to this?

Sensors and DIY

There is nothing on this website except discussions. I feel like this is possibly a data harvesting (pardon the pun) exercise. Cambridge analytics anyone?


Hi Matthew,

You are right! (about the discussion, not the data harvesting :)

This forum is for people interested and involved in GROW to talk with each other - about experiments, about data, about growing, about whatever you like...

There will be a couple of methods for recording data for the experiments and from the sensors (for those active in a GROW Place) that should be going live soon. We also have a newsletter that goes out every 4 to 6 weeks or so with various stories and updates about the project. You do need to sign up for that separately (sorry!) There is also the knowledge base (https://knowledge.growobservatory.org/) which is a repository for GROW information (more is being added).

Devyn GROW Communications

I would take part more in the discussions but a conversation becomes unwieldy very quickly and requires a great deal of scrolling to find again, it's also difficult because you can't reply to one person only a whole conversation.

Hi Diane, it is admittedly a bit unwieldy at present. We have a hit list of improvements to this forum we are working our way through, so all of the typical things you can have in a forum we will have soon. Apologies for this, bear with us and it will improve in the days and weeks ahead. (Ollie from the Communications team)

Hi Oliver - thanks for your reply. That's great there are changes on the way.! Best wishes

I second Diane!

It’s also quite difficult to use this forum on a phone, which is what I do.

Thanks Helen, we note the comments and as Ollie said earlier, we have a hit list of changes to the forum that we are working through. Stick with us please!

Thanks, Amanda!