What are your crop combinations?


Growing crops together at the same time in the same place can be considered a "polyculture" (contrasting with a monoculture of a large area of a single crop). A classic example is the "three-sisters" of Latin America; corn, beans and squash.

Growing beneficial plants (like flowers) alongside your crops is called "companion planting." A common example is planting French marigolds (Tagetes, rather than the English marigolds which are a Calendula) alongside tomatoes. The strong scent of the flowers is said to repel blackfly and greenfly.

What are your favourite crop combinations (polyculture or companion planting) for good results?

What are your experimenting with this year?

We'd love to follow along with what you're up to and how it goes!

:) Naomi


at this moment I have a raised bed in which leeks , lamb lettuce and strawberry plants are growing side by side (or to be exact, rather in a jumble) There is also one large Kalinka cabbage(brassica campestris narinosa) a few on-their- way-out lucullus chards (Beta vulgaris lucullus) and a recently planted perpetual broccoli which may be hard to grow in my hot dry climate (brassica oleracea broccoli perennial) There is also quite a lot of lamb's lettuce (valerianella olitoria) The leeks will be finished when the strawberries come into full swing and the chards and lettuce too .They will be replaces by peppers or tomatoes or maybe aubergines (a solanaceae in any case )

I don’t dig, and leave most things where they are. Last year I grew tagettes among the tomatoes. We don’t know how they would have fared without as there was no control. Bonus crops of squash and tomatoes grew where I had applied my city- dwelling friends organic waste. A rich ‘CROM’ (cold rotted organic matter) except the seeds obviously survived the process. This also came with oodles of lovely worms!