Wendy from Sudbury

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I and my husband have a garden in East Anglia, England. We have heavy clay soil but manage to grow veg and have a couple of more ornamental beds. We use raised beds mostly to help drainage (and ease the ageing back!). Looking forward to learning more. I have joined late and am catching up on week 1.

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Hi Wendy, thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to the GROW Observatory. I hope that the first online course will help you understand your soil better and you might find our following course on Sensing interesting as well. We plan a Living Soils mission later in the growing season as well where you can compare traditional and regenerative growing practices which might support your knowledge of your growing areas. If you sign up to our e-newsletter this should keep you informed on all these activities - and do follow our social media (Facebook, instagram, twitter) we'd love to see some photos of your growing area and hear about how you get on.