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In this topic you can ask questions, share your experiences and meet others taking part in the GROW Changing Climate Mission.

What is the GROW Changing Climate Mission?

The GROW Observatory is supporting local communities in 9 GROW Places across Europe to enable them to generate, share and use new knowledge and data on growing practices and soil management as a response to our changing climate.

GROW Places are in:

  • Evros & Laconia (Greece)
  • Southeast and Northwest (Ireland)
  • Miskolc (Hungary)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Tayside & Central belt (Scotland)
  • Vienna (Austria)
  • ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
  • Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

GROW Changing Climate participants are using Flower Power sensors to monitor soil moisture and help with the global challenge of climate change adaptation.


What is involved?

You will need access to a suitable site to place your soil sensor undisturbed until the Mission end in September 2019. An Android or IOS (version 11 or below) device is needed to collect data from the sensor once a week. We also ask you for information on land use, vegetation cover, slope position and aspect and soil texture. Participants in GROW Places are supported by Community Champions, face to face events and an online channel for communication.

How can I take part?

If you are based in any of the locations above and are interested in finding out how you can participate in GROW’s Changing Climate mission, please fill in this form. Check out stories from GROWers on our Medium blog or on social media using #GROWplace

I have a problem with my sensor

First check our Sensor FAQ or contact your Community Champion for advice. If the answer you need is not there, please email technical@growobservatory.org with the email you used to register for GROW and a detailed description of your problem.

Let’s get GROWing!

With warm wishes, the GROW Observatory team