Welcome to the first GROW Experiment!

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Naomi van der Velden
Naomi van der VeldenUnited Kingdom

The GROW Experiments aim to help you better understand your own growing practices and how to improve them and to answer key questions about sustainable growing practices on a broader scale.

This first experiment is designed to take place between August and October 2017, Citizen scientists like you will investigate if and how mulching (adding a layer of compost on top of the soil) affects key soil properties by comparing a plot of land with mulch added to one without to answer the following questions:

? Does mulching improve soils? ? How does location influence any effect of mulching? i.e. does it work better in some places than other places?

You can find out more about the experiment here and sign up here to take part.

This forum is the place to ask any questions about the experiment, to share your triumphs and frustrations and to celebrate becoming a citizen scientist.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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