Weighing harvest - Polycultures v Monocultures


Apologies if this has been answered already - but do you have specific instructions for weighing the crops? i.e.

-Radishes - weigh with or without leaves? -Beans - weigh with or without pods?

Just want to make sure I'm doing the same as everyone else when the time comes to harvest..... :)


Hi Caroline

Apologies we are still having technical delays getting the harvesting instructions up on the website.

For info we would like you to weigh the parts that you are going to eat (as if you bought them from the shop), so:

Beans – weigh the pods before washing. Stems should be removed.

Spinach – weigh the leaves. Shake off any dirt, but do not wash them as this will make them heavier.

Radish – weigh either the roots or the pods. Leaves and stems should be removed, along with the root tip. Any dirt on the roots should be brushed off, or given a quick rinse and pat dry.

We would also like you to record the quality of your harvest using the scale below:

How much is good to eat? 0 – none of the crop 1 – some, but less than a quarter 2 – a quarter up to a half 3 – a half up to three quarters 4 – more than three-quarters of it

Hope that helps, hopefully the full instructions and recording forms will be online soon - you should get an email when they are ready.

Best wishes


Oh dear, this information comes a bit too late (for first rows of radishes).

The spinach and beans are sadly becoming a losing battle against the slugs (beans already replaced once with transplants).

Hi Aideen,

Do you mean you have harvested already? Don't worry if you have measured them a different way, just make a note and let us know.

Best wishes


Radish pods? What are they? I assume this is a typo!

best wishes Diane

Hi Diane

If the radishes have got too old and woody they can be left to go to seed - the green pods are edible in salads and have a milder radish flavour than the roots which some people prefer.

They also make good pickles apparently (I've not tried that myself).

Best wishes, Victoria

Ah that would explain it, I've never had a radish get to the woody stage because either I or something else have eaten them long before that can happen!