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As part of one of my courses in college I was given a plot of land to grow certain crops. So I have some basic experience when it comes to weeding and digging...what really caught my by surprise was how often I had to remove the weeds. I mechanically removed them from my plot. It was quite difficult especially when there was a developed root system.

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Hi Kamyar, I agree - this can be very time-consuming. Having spent months pulling out ton sack-fulls of creeping grassroots from a tiny plot on my allotment, I have embraced the no-dig approach.

Last year I started a new plot and simply mowed the grass, put down a couple of layers of cardboard and added woodchip and compost to the top. I planted it in spring and enjoyed a delicious crop summer-autumn.

I saved so much time in not trying to get rid of all the weed roots first (mostly grass and creeping buttercup). It's also been really easy to weed since then. I imagine that most of the weed roots simply died and added their nutrition to the soil.

I recommend trying this next time. Lots more info on this - Charles Dowding is the renowned expert in the UK and worth searching for if you'd like more info.