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Sorry to bother, but I feel both the website and the involved apps highly user-unfriendly. a few examples:

  • I have 20 sensors in use and added and updated in the FlowerPower app; only 2 can be found on the website ("data")?!
  • my avatar picture was uploaded automatically and without my consent from my pic folder and could not be changed since then.
  • there is no online instructions how to do all these things (my printed instructions is at my farmhouse, where I have no internet)

So I have no idea how to proceed... :-(

best regards, erich

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Hello Erich

Sorry to hear about your technical problems. We have had other users report not all their sensors are appearing in MyData and the sensing team is working on this.

I have reported the problem you are having with your avatar picture in the forum to the technical team.

Thankfully I can help with your third issue. All the materials for the Changing Climate Mission, including the Sensing Manual, Field Handbook and extra resources for completing the land survey can be found in the GROW Changing Climate Mission Info Pack. This link can also be found at the bottom of the main GROW Observatory page.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes