Water management tips


Hi everyone

Lack of water is not something I usually have to worry about in the UK as it is famous for rain! However last year we had a drought with no rain for 6 weeks over the summer and this spring it has been unusually dry too. I am sometimes away from home and it is really disheartening to come back to shriveled plants. What things could I try this year if we have another dry summer? I mostly grow in containers at the moment but hope to make some vegetable beds soon too.

Here is the lovely salad trough my dad made for me from old pallets! I need to replace the salad soon though as they are starting to flower and taste too bitter.



What about gravity fed irrigation system? I have a polytunnel irrigated with adripper system that runs on an automatic battery operated timer. Initial set up was not cheap, but for small scale it would be ok.

Thanks Audrey, I think I still have an old irrigation system I used to use for my greenhouse so will dig that out and see if I can use it in a gravity fed system (it was previously on the main water supply). Didn't know you could get battery timers, will look into that.