Using Biodynamic methods to recover soil degradation

General Discussion

Has any of you used biodynamic methods to regenerate the humus content soil after it was damaged from the use of chemicals? I see many projects in India that are regenerating depleted soil from usage of GMO agriculture!


Ive been following the bio fynamic calendar and methods here in central Portugal for 26 years, and its a very interesting subject, biodynamic really does bring the PowerPoint back into the soil and Therefore your food

Hi Vullkan, there are lots of methods that can help to regenerate growing soils. Have you signed up to our free online course Living Soils Growing Food? It starts today and this week we're looking at lots of techniques that can help.

In terms of biodynamic approaches, you might find the UK Biodynamic Association to have useful information.

You may find something helpful via

I personally have no experience in regenerating soil significantly depleted from use of products from agro chemical industries but have found the general guidance of a 3 year recovery programme after growmore, metakdehyde and such like to be correct. What woud be needed after a catastrophe like Bhopal I cannot imagine.

NB they have an affordable membership offer with a deadline on 30 April but it was detailed in an email back in February and I never did read ir properly so I have no idea if that would benefit you. I presume details will be somewhere on their website. All the best with your endeavours. I have always found the website for the biodynamic group in India very inspiring.