Urban allotment, Sweden

Introduce Yourself

Hi, I've recently aquired an allotment in Stockholm and am eager to get my hands dirty, learning about permaculture, companion planting, soil regeneration, etc. Hopefully me and my kids will be rewarded with some nice veggies and berries, while having fun experimenting. I've everything to learn and spent the very long winter reading, planning, learning. Now seedlings are growing on our window sills while I'm on my third GROW course. Very exited about citizen science and this amazing community and opportunity. I've learnt a lot from the discussions in the courses so far. It will be an interesting summer.


Hi Janna, that's great - sounds like your interests are all aligned with what GROW is trying to promote and that you're an experienced member at this stage on your third course. And how nice to do it all with your kids - I imagine they will enjoy the experiment coming up! We'd like to see how it's going for you if you have any photos to share? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all active platforms for us or if you're making videos then get in touch via YouTube too. All the best with it, Aaron

Hi Aaron, thanks! Maybe Insta could work... What about setting up a google doc as a journal with pictures, which can be both updated and accessed by others? Would that work do you think?

Do you mean use a google doc to log how your project goes that others can comment in? Because that could be an option if you set one up and share a link with the permissions for others to comment. Otherwise if you tag us in an Insta post @GROWObservatory, I can repost that to other growers in our feed.

Hi Aaron, I finally set up a blog, I will use it as a journal but also as a way to share photos and notes related to the GROW experiment (Poly vs. Mono). It is not public yet but soon I hope :)

Yes, a blog is a good way to share - open access with no need for permissions and passwords. (Iā€™m going bananas with passwords.)

That's great to hear Janna - I look forward to seeing it whenever it becomes public! Hopefully more participants doing the experiment will do the same as it's a really great way to track progress and also we can see how participants are getting on.

If you post any updates to Instagram do let me know and I'll repost them!