Nearly 30c in London this week, we seemed to have skipped spring entirely and gone straight to summer!

Not quite yet in Glasgow... but we're working on it! :)

It does feel like we've slipped straight in to summer, or the beginnings of it this week. People are already moaning about the heat now, lord knows how much they're going to moan when summer truly does hit & it's even warmer!

In the Uk definitely not. My frost date is May 19 but we have exerienced frosts in late June so when I do feel brave enough to plant I will have fleece ready. Due to 2018 weather I am 3 weeks behind my usual sowing schedule and the Feb sown hardies on the hotbed did not survive the beast from the East so I had to try again on March 30. That 6 weeks is a lot to catch up on.

I am pretty sure we had hail in July last year - though it didn't cause any lasting damage. The really frost-tender crops like courgettes and beans I don't usually plant out until June, although I now have a polytunnel (a gift!) so am excited to get things going sooner in that.

I'm definitely being cautious about what I'm planting out and, like Carol, am really behind with planting seeds because it's been so cold. I'm trying to choose some "earlies" and northern-grown varieties that have a short growing season to make up for it...

Good luck everyone!