Two technical problems

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I am having real problems getting the sensors to connect with Bluetooth. I have to turn it on and off up to 10 times for each sensor to get it to connect. Any tips? Also when connected to wifi, the data starts uploading shown by the purple circle but then "cloud analysis error" message always comes up so I assume the data upload has failed. Any advice gratefully received.


Hi Wendy

Several people have reported "Cloud analysis error, please check later" and our technical team are looking into it. Please could you email email to let them know that you also have this error, and include the email address that you used to register with the GROW website.

I've not heard of the Bluetooth connection problem before, have you tried turning Bluetooth on before launching the Flower Power app? If you still have problems connecting you could contact the technical team on the email above.

Best wishes


GROW Citizen Science Designer and Facilitator

Hi Wendy

Our technical team spoke with the sensor manufacturers yesterday and think we have fixed the 'cloud analysis error'. Please could you try again to sync your sensor and let us know?

Many thanks