Top Weather Tips for the Great GROW Experiment


We’ve been hearing lots of stories of hot dry weather from those of you in the UK and Ireland, and unusual amounts of rain from experimenters in Spain and Italy!

Since those of us in the north west of Europe are accustomed to dealing with rain, and it’s often hot and dry in places like Spain and Italy, perhaps we can share our experiences of “normal” weather conditions to help each other out with these “unusual” ones.

The GROW team has compiled advice from the team and from other growers on the GROW Forums. If you’re doing the GROW Experiment, please remember to treat all your plots in the same way as much as possible.

Head over to our Medium page to read the article, and join in on the conversation if you have more tips or ideas from your own experience!


Hello Devyn .

It’s still very hot and dry here in the Essex , UK .

Just been to the allotments to water a bit but it’s very hot . My thermometer on the kitchen window shows 36 C ! .

Might ne the hottest so far I’ve seen .

One of the things I do in the last couple of months is to make like a 30 centimetres trench for planting seeds or seedlings just to help a bit with moisture retention .

The raised beds help sometimes when you have too much rain but struggle in the hot weather ( obviously plants like rosemary , sage and such like the hot dry weather ) .

Best wishes to all . Ionuț

Hi Ionut,

Wow - 36 is hot! Thanks for sharing your ideas - planting in a trench is a great idea for this weather! It should help shade the seedlings as well as retaining some moisture.

Yes - raised beds work well in wet conditions but aren't so good for the current UK weather. Last year I started a veg garden having moved house. The soil was really damp for much of the year and partly water-logged at times in the winter. We are in the "toe slope" of multiple hills so a lot of the water from the surrounding landscape drains down to us. So I created some slightly raised beds to give the plants a bit more height above the water table..... I never anticipated this dry weather. :/

On the plus side, the normally boggy lawn is looking nice and green despite the lack of rain or watering...

Yes, all my mediterranean herbs are doing really well - they're right at the top of the garden near the kitchen door. It's a well-drained sunny spot that they love. I do have to water them though.

I hope to see you at the meet-up next Wednesday - will you make it?

Kind regards, Naomi

Hello Dr Naomi .

I’ve had a similar problem with the first 1/3 of the allotment we got some parts were waterlogged and raised beds helped .

Thankfully this morning around 03 we heard the rain , now it’s nearly dry but it must’ve been raining for a bit . Have you grown any tomatoes this year ? We have some red cherry tomatoes that are nearly ready ! I hope they make , they’ve been sown in January !

Yeah , I should be able to join the online meeting , from the allotment again . Looking forward to see how everyone is doing and learn from each other .

By then I would like to be ready to sow more spinach and radishes .

Spinach was kind of a failure first sowing , maybe will be more productive closer to autumn .

Best wishes .