The case of the disappearing radishes!


I have never had success here with growing radishes in open ground because of the large variety of fauna I share my space with so I was not optimistic when, on May 12 I sowed the seeds in the poly and mono beds.

I put 20 in each and weirdly have precisely 6 left in each row! Could it be that the critters have decided I can be allowed a few this year or have they left the 12 for a midnight feast at some point in their party calendar? I know which I'd put my money on!


That happens at my house a lot, not the precise numbers (that's weird), but the little nibblers feasting on things as fast as they come up. I do a lot of transplanting to get ahead of them. I also put out seeds under floating row cover. That seems to help some. Last year the starlings stripped all the leaves off my tomato transplants the day I put them in the ground. Thought about making them into pie, but catching them was an issue.

Hello Diane , Alan and all .

It’s great you have some left this year Diane :) . Have you used any method against them ?

So far my radishes seem fine , some of the ones in the poly should be ready next week ! How about spinach and beans ?

Hi Alan . How are you ? The pie sounds good :) . How is your experiment going so far ? Cheers .


On the radishes problem,I’ve noticed that for best results, is to grow them on containers,I use some plastic long pots about 30 cm deep,and so far they seem to do quite well,haven’t been atacked by any predators as yet ✌️ I do keep them off the ground,have a bench in my garden where they rest. Hope that helps, Dani

Hello Ionut and Dani,

The radishes are being stolen when they are still seeds by woodlice and other tiny beasties so there isn't much I can do about them! But I have protected them from mice and voles with mesh so that will save the ones that get past the first leaves stage.

Usually I grow my radishes in troughs on a bench too, it works very well so I do have those to look forward to but they aren't part of the GROW project. Its the ones in the experimental plots that are disappearing because they are too exposed.

Hi Dani , Diane and all .

It’s a good idea to grow them in pots but for the experiment couldn’t do it .

For safety (also because I really like radishes ) I’ve sown 150 seeds of each .

I will count them at the harvest and weight them .

100 it’s part of the trial 50 extra for the other ‘participants ‘ :) .

Anyone ever pickled radishes before ?

Best wishes to all !

Hello Ionut

So far I've only sown the first 2 rows for the experiment, one in the poly and one in the mono bed. The next date is June 2 for the second of the 4 successional sowing dates and I'm wondering whether the later poly ones will do better for having the beans and spinach around them. I'm also using companion plants close by - marigolds, sweet peas and thyme - so I'll see if that helps as well as they develop. No I've never pickled them but I could imagine they would be very tasty - if you do it I'd be interested in how you get on. best wishes

Hi everyone,

I will do my planting this weekend, since I just got all my seeds this week - and hopefully I'll have some time to devote to planting.

Hello Diane .

Never heard of thyme being a good companion plant for radishes and spinach but who knows ..

I pickle things quite often and some are better than others . My last one is rhubarb :) Still waiting to taste them , I assume they are spicy , there’s a chilli in there . In the kitchen garden magazine for may there’s a recipe for mooli pickled radishes . Still need to plant them :) . I’ll let you know how it goes .

Best wishes .

Hi Valeria .

Good luck with the experiment experiment . Hopefully you’ll be ready to start sowing .

Best wishes .

Hello Alan, sorry I somehow missed your comment till today .... sometimes the speed of destruction is a bit disheartening - specially with something like tomatoes that need a longer growing time. At least with radishes there's plenty of time to sow more. I meant to say that my radish thief has a very tidy mind, ocd even, he left the 6 in each row perfectly spaced out ... like eat 6 leave 1 eat 6 .....

Hi Ionut You reminded me that I have a packet of mooli radish seeds somewhere amongst the general rubble of my gardening stuff. I'll see if I can find them. I should have explained that I have planted thyme for 2 reasons - one is to encourage bees to come and pollinate my beans and the other is because I've read about growing lots of different scented plants around veg to create a sort of 'smelly barrier' to baffle pests - so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm about to plant some geraniums in front of my peas as well!

Hi Diane .

Nice idea , thyme is one of my favourites herbs . What geraniums do you grow ? Mine is Citronella , scented leaf one .

I’ve grown mooli radishes in 2016 when we took the allotment . I didn’t had many but the ones we had were huge so looking forward to pickle some . By the way the pickled rhubarb slices were nice , spicy and need to make more :) .

My biggest experiment this year is growing purple sweet potato from the shop bought ones .

Best wishes !

I am growing geranium Calliope dark red. I like the idea of your pickled rhubarb, I've never heard of it before, do you use a basic pickling liquid or something m ore exotic? My pickling skill is very limited - mainly to shallots! But one year I did try pickling nasturtium seeds to use instead of capers and that worked quite well. Good luck with your purple sweet potato - maybe by the time they are ready to crop we'll be able to post photos on here! Its boiling hot here so I'm trying to keep my spinach seedlings shaded to prevent bolting, I'm watering the veg plots with care as I'm not on mains water and there's no rain forecast for the next 12 days - and it hasn't rained for weeks already. best wishes

Hi Diane and all .

Sounds like a nice geranium , I’ve looked at some on google . I have a few of red and pink zonal pelargoniums and some seedlings growing from the pink ones seeds .

It’s quite nice , still quite crunchy . Now I’ve added red cabbage to it and our little ones like it . The brine is simple most of the times , I use about one spoon of salt to 1 litre of water . Sometimes I add black peppercorns , bay leaves , chillies and other things . Depending on what I pickle :)

Didn’t had too many nasturtiums seeds two years ago , hopefully this year .

The purple sweet potatoes I’ve planted in the allotment and in the front garden struggle still . We’ll see in the next months , if they don’t crop I’ll grow them more indoors next year :) . Hopefully you’ll get some rain soon and spinach will grow nicely .

So far I’ve been posting my photos on Instagram , it’s easier :) .

Best wishes .