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Im just starting my experiment, I mean to plant today all my seeds (ok, maybe not all the radish, buteverything else). I hope I'm not too late! In the instructions, there is mention of a soil testing kit? How do we apply to get one (I'm in Spain)? I too find this site difficult to navigate... I can't find the record sheets either... Otherwise, I'm very excited to be part of this and I find growing things extremely satisfying and exciting (I have 10 courgette plants that are looking gorgeous right now with their big yellow flowers).

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Hi Valeria

Yes you are not to late to start the Experiment. All the instructions and forms are available at: https://knowledge.growobservatory.org/article-categories/polycultures-v-monocultures/.

The form for recording your planting dates and ordering a soil test kit is under how to set up the Experiment.

We have had some technical delays getting the recording sheets up on the website but these should be available soon before the harvesting period starts.

Here in the UK our courgettes have flower buds so it shouldn't be long before they are flowering like yours.

Best wishes and thanks for taking part in the Experiment.


Victoria Burton Citizen Science Facilitator and Designer, GROW Observatory

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