Switch from iOS to Android for FlowerPower

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Since the FP app on latest iOS is now broken -i unfortunately upgraded my iPhone's OS before seeing Sarah's warning about this -the situation is such (with 174 sensors in the ground, and no data sync for 2 weeks already!) where i'm thinking to borrow an Android device, so i can resume the flow of data before it's too late [1].

Thing is: i don't know how this will work, in fact. Can i just install the FlowerPower software via the app store (or, Google Play i guess it is), log into the FP cloud using my registered credentials, and then download all my data over WiFi? That's a lot of data, including all the pictures that are related to these sensors, if indeed those are stored in the cloud (or do they exist only in the Photo library on my phone?). If anyone is familiar with this procedure of changing devices, before i go down that road, i would love to hear from someone who's already done it.

[1] Re my "before it's too late" comment: i know that the sensors keep a 3-month log of data, and hopefully Parrot will come through with the software fix before that. Problem is: these CSV file downloads on which i rely for comprehensive time-series data from all my sensors come to me with only a single (trailing) month of data... So if i don't get the data flowing once again in the next 2 weeks, i'm going to have a gap in the data that will grow wider every 15 minutes until the problem is solved!


Hi Walt. We have not yet heard of anyone else switching to a new device but we think it is worth trying. It's likely we can alter the data download program to get data from more than a month in the past. We have been in contact with Parrot about the upgrade to iOS12 and they have told us it is a priority for them too. So hopefully a fix won't take too long.

OK, so: i was able to borrow an Android tablet, and am happy to report that -on connecting to Internet via WiFi- it seems to have downloaded all current data related to "My Garden," including all related images, and also reflecting changes i made in the FP app on iPhone (even though such changes are not reflected faithfully on the MySensors page here at the hub... Which had me worried that sensor name changes might not be flowing upstream to the cloud).

Still: i do hope Sarah that you can bring the developer to update this app pretty soon, because i can't count on continued use of this borrowed tablet for very long!

Hi Walt. That's good news that you were successfully able to use a different device. We'll tell others about this if they ask.

Hi Walt and Sarah, I have switched devices too from a fairphoen to an second hand samsung and installed the parrot app on the new phone. Like Walt, I can also confirm that my sensors and data have been downloaded to the new device. All the Best. Everything alright I hope in your place since the storms in Portugal Walt?? Kind wishes, Tania

Yes, Tania, we in the S dodged the bullet w/r/t storms, while people N of Lisbon were not so lucky. We're getting some nice soft warm rains now, so life is good -thanks!

Hi Walt and Tania

I'm pleased to say that Parrot have now updated the Flower Power app so it is compatible with iOS 12.

If anyone has further trouble please let us know.

Best wishes


Great! have just installed the upgrade, it appears to be working fine. Thanks for the good news, Victoria!

ps: if you should happen to hear any more good news on the software dev front -esp. the GROW app- please don't be shy about sharing! :-)