Submitting harvest data: date error when uploaded

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Hi, I have started uploading the registration of harvest data in Grow Experiment. Every harvest date I submit, changes to todays date when uploaded (shows on the harvest history list). What should I do about this?


This happens to me to!

Sorry to hear about this problem, I will contact our technical team to find out why this is happening and get it fixed. I suspect it is a problem with the data being displayed back and we have in fact recorded the correct date but will let you know when they get back to me.



Victoria, it would have been great if an edit option was available. I just discovered an error and couldn't correct it. I had to post a "correction" note instead.

Hi Janna and Cecilie

I have let the technical team know about the date issue and they are looking to fix it.

Unfortunately they are unable to add an edit function, so if you make an error please make a note in the comment box and we can edit or remove that entry when we download the data.

Best wishes


Hi everyone. The dates on the harvesting page should now be fixed.