Stuck on a new deployment.

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Hi all, I'm hoping I can use the hive mind to help me. 20 years in I.T. and this has me stumped.

I'm attempting to setup 8 new flower power sensors.

-Android 9.0 phone can see the parrot devices in it's own bluetooth menu

-Flower power app sees nothing.

-The app's own FAQ says android 7 and up can't communicate with parrot firmware v2.0.2 and v1.1.1 and I'm required to update the sensors' firmware.

-I dusted off an old Android 4.4.2 lenovo tablet and install the flower power app (after an eternity, it's a slow tablet)

-The tablet will not let me sign in are returns the error "Login error Cloud is not available". Perhaps the password is wrong so I try to reset it. It says "email invalid" so I try to create a new account on this device with my backup account. It won't let me and says "email invalid". So it appears that the tablet version of flower power (which looks completely different) has had the back end server removed.

-The Android 9 phone has flower power 4.6.2

-The Android 4.4.2 tablet has flower power 2.1.10 (up to date)

It looks like I've been programmed into a paradox. The new device is too new and my old device is too old. Can anybody confirm my logic and if there's any way out of this without buying another only slightly old device?

There's a reason why I switched from I.T. to vegetables and trees... ;)

Best Regards and the highest hopes Nathaniel


Hi Nathaniel. This is an interesting problem and not one we have encountered before at GROW. Are you a participant in the GROW project? Or are these sensors ones you have bought? Have you tried updating the firmware? I believe this is possible and many people from GROW have done it.

Hi Sarah, thanks for the reply. Yes I'm part of the project. I went through Walt near Lagos, Algarve. He suggested contacting you guys. I'd love to update the firmware but the app can't see the device to do that. I managed to borrow a new android 6.0 phone thinking it would be different and it's exactly the same. So far I've tried two sensors, three devices and two versions of parrot software (obviously the older app seems to not have any support). Strange that the Bluetooth can see the devices but the flower power app can not. The instructions don't detail anything special I should do in the app while adding a sensor and I can't find any option to configure that could affect the visibility.