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Gareth Thomas
Gareth ThomasOrxeta, Spain

I was on the original MOOC course but I had some difficulties with the structure of the practical steps (I kept going round in circles trying to see what to do next) and also found the discussions disconnected and difficult to follow. I have done other online courses before - on topics like renewable energy and satellite observation - which were easier to follow, so I found this quite disappointing.

I was sent a reminder by email to rejoin the group, so I'll try again. I am very keen to try and keep this going, as I am a geography teacher and also trying to recover a piece of land in the Costa Blanca, Spain that has been very badly damaged by chemicals. However, I have not got time to go round in circles! Some clarity in communication structures would be appreciated.

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Hi Gareth, thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that it was difficult to follow in places. It is really helpful to know this so we can improve what we offer.

With the practical steps, we tried to give you all the info you needed for each task followed by a call to do them. It is probably best to read through the content for the week and then go out and do the practical tasks. There are some printable sheets you can take out with you to make the measuring and recording easier.

We did it this way so that you'd have the information to understand each part, but could benefit from doing them at the same time, especially where this would save time and effort - e.g. the sediment tests and the stone content both require a bit of digging but could be achieved at the same time - you only need to dig once. If you have any specific questions about the ordering of the tasks, please let us know here.

I hope that helps? Look forward to hearing how your land recovery project develops!

:) Naomi