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Hello Dear Naomi Madem I want soil test tool.but I live in sri can't receive me.already prepared my home garden for growing. Thanks


Dear Nimal,

thank you for joining the experiment. Unfortunately, we are only able to send the nutrient testing kits to participants in Europe (because it is an EU-funded project).

Participation in the nutrient measurements part of the experiment is optional. If you do want to do this, then you are welcome to buy a kit. We are using the Lusterleaf Rapitest kits Select "1601 - Soil Test Kit" from the list in the middle of the page to see the image.

We will support you to understand what your nutrient results mean for your plot.

I hope that helps?

Kind regards, Naomi

Note that you can purchase the soil test kits online from your preferred shopping channel. e.g. search Ecosia

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