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I applied for one of the sensors ages ago and didn't get one, does anyone know - is that because all the free ones have already gone? Or have they not been sent out yet?

best wishes


Can't anything on this web site where I can request a censor, all I see on here is comments.

Hi Diane,

Have you been in touch with the Community Champion in the Scotland GROW place? I'll mention it to the GROW team in Dundee today as well.

Hi Vince - the free sensors are available in 9 specific geographic locations throughout Europe. In the UK, it is the Central Belt of Scotland. Is that where you are based, by any chance?

Devyn GROW Communications

Hi Vince, GROW has two citizen science activities or “Missions”: the Changing Climate mission takes place in the 9 GROW Places, and the Living Soils mission can be done by anyone, anywhere. The list of GROW Places is on the website under How to Get Involved and the UK-based GROW Place is Tayside and the Central Belt of Scotland (east to west coast). We have selected GROW Places, focused in a limited number of areas because a high density of measurements is the most valuable and there are a limited number of sensors available.

If you are not based in a GROW Place, anyone can take part in GROW through our GROW Living Soils mission which also involves data collection, but does not use the sensor. It involves experiments to test regenerative growing techniques. In both missions you will get to try out exciting new ways to improve soil and food production methods by doing simple, coordinated soil observations and experiments to capture, and make sense of data on your local environment. This will help to validate good growing practices and environmental monitoring. I hope this helps but feel free to email me on if you have more queries?

Hi Diane, more or less the same answer as I gave to Vince above actually.

However, I do not have a record on any of our contact databases of an application from you for a sensor? Can you tell me how you 'applied'? If you have a growing/gardening space in the GROW Place in Tayside/Central Belt of Scotland and you are interested in finding out how you can participate in GROW’s Changing Climate mission, using sensors to provide data via your smartphone, please read through the information on the How to get Involved section of the website and click to fill in this online form GROW Places Participant Application form . This will determine whether your growing space would be suitable for the mission.

Hi all I get is no responses to requests for info from Grow. I emailed re a sensor a long time back. I was told that I didn't qualify because of the 30m radius. I queried this twice. I have a 240m square plot. This is as big if not bigger than all the people I know with allotments. No-one got back. I went to the event at the Dundee botanic gardens and talked to the 2 course presenters there about this. They took my details and promised to get back within days. Again no response. I posted on facebook but no response from GROW. Maybe you could send me a phone number to talk this through. The obvious place for me is the Tayport event but I'm chairing a public meeting in Falkland at 2 so this won't work. I could make either of the others but time is short. Rod Crawford

Hello Amanda, I had a look at the link to the Grow Participant form and have filled it out again, when I was doing the courses I filled it or something very similar - actually I think it was more detailed than this one ..... then but have had no response. I didn't see your answer because I didn't get a notification until today. Diane

Hello again Diane; this is v strange because the form you completed fills out a spreadsheet of responses and you are not on it! Perhaps you didn't submit/complete it? Whatever, I don't want to ask you to fill in any more forms - may I send you an email directly to get the information we need to find out which Mission your plot is suitable for? Pls email if you are happy for me to contact you?

Hello Amanda, thanks for your reply, I've sent you an email best wishes

Hello Amanda, I'm sorry not to have heard from you, I sent an email to the address you gave which said that I definitely completed and submitted the form - 3 times - so I think I'll just give up now. best wishes

Hi everyone, just checking in here and it seems that all these queries have now been directly answered via Amanda and others.

Do let us know if you've any more questions about the sensors.

Best wishes, Naomi

Just to say not all queries have been answered - I didn't have a reply back from Amanda.

Hi again Diane, we have been in touch here and by email but I guess your most recent comment is referring to the email you sent to saying that you were no longer interested in taking part in the changing climate mission/sensors? I hadn't appreciated that you were still wanting to discuss this - as I mentioned we were investigating a problem with the website form collecting responses. I have now got those responses, one of which was from you but you had suggested in your email that you were no longer interested. If you are interested that would be great - we are due to have a meeting at the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh on this Thursday 5 July starting at 10.15 am at the Botanic Cottage if you are able to come. Deborah Long will be providing a demo of how to use the sensors and signing people up if you want to find out more? Do let me know either here or by email if you'd like me to put you forward for this mission?

I just got so disappointed when you didn't answer my email and fed up with no one answering my questions or reacting to my submissions that I thought I may as well give up on the idea of having a sensor.

Unfortunately I can't get to Edinburgh because that would be a 220 mile round trip but yes I would like to take part in the sensor mission so would be happy for you to put me forward for it.