Soil nutrient and pH test kits


"We will also use soil nutrient and pH test kits to understand our soils. If you live in Europe, you can apply to GROW Observatory to receive free kits!"

Any further information about the applications to get these kits? I'm living in Gran Canaria, Canary Island, and it will take a bit longer for any package to arrive.


Hi Alejandro,

These are available to people in Europe participating in the GROW Polycultures Experiment. The experiment officially starts on 1st May so if you've signed up, you'll find out more before then. Once you've planted your seeds, you'll be invited to share your address and the kit will be sent out to you.

We'll be doing the soil tests in the month after planting and in the month after harvesting, so there should be plenty of time for it to get to you even if you're a little further out.

I hope that helps?

Many thanks for your interest!


I usually start of beans in my attic in the house, rather than planting direct in the soil. It can still be chilly and indeed frosty in Scotland throughout April and into May. Should I be starting the beans off in this way now? This relates to the experiment I have signed up for.

Hi Rod,

Glad to hear you've joined the experiment and are keen to get started. The experiment starts on May 1st and we will send you full instructions then.

Yes, for those of us in the north, planting the beans inside first is the best idea. They won't be ready to go outside until danger of frost has passed. For me that's probably late May/early June. It's best not to plant them too soon or they will get too big in the pots and it will be harder to transfer them out successfully.

Best wishes, Naomi