Small urban garden in Luxembourg City

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Hello everyone,

After having got extensive and kind advice on location, I was handed over 2 sensors by Karine from I will install them in the next hours in my small urban garden in Luxembourg City. That hillside garden also has many hours of shadow per day. I am curious to see the 1st values recorded.

There's a drought too in Luxembourg, this official communique from today gives additional information:

I will keep you posted on interesting stuff.

Best, Christian

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Hi Christian,

welcome to GROW! It's great to have you and the other good people of Luxembourg join us.
Thanks for the link about your current weather experiences (and useful historical records for your areas!).

"Cette situation illustre la dépendance du secteur agricole par rapport aux conditions météorologiques et climatiques. "

So true! But hopefully GROW can help small scale growers and farmers to monitor their conditions and adapt their practices so we can successfully grow more good food together.

Please give my good wishes to all at CELL :)

We look forward to hearing your updates and how you're getting on.

Kind regards, Naomi