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Lovely to meet you all. Sorry I pretty much gave up keeping up to date with IT many operating programmes ago. We will get the mic and headphone for the next chat - if the incredible collapsing machine lasts that long. Thank you for all the fantastic tips. I like using sand as I am on heavy clay soil. Maybe copper wire on top of sharp sand will work.

The area where we are running the experiment is in full sun and had to be tilled. Consequently the soil is much drier than the soil on the plots that have not suffered such carnage. The sweetcorn on the tilled soil had to go in a 9in trench to get the moisture. Why is it always the Glyphosating men with the tilling machines that get to run lottie committees? (they thought tares was weed and do not like mulch, especially dry leaves) Anyway we have 3 IBC (3x1000litres) and 14 blue barrels (200 litres ea) which are interconnected on 3 syphon arrangements but we have 375m2 lottie and the 2 greenhouses full so we are in dire need of more of the precious liquid. We are promised additive free grass clippings which we can collect tomorrow so fingers crossed for full quota of healthy plants by midsummer.

I promised links to the slug trial run on garden organic I am doing comfrey tea (attractor) and bracken tea (detractor) in addition to the stipulated beer traps. The RHS slug pellet trial is interesting but I think there are still concerns about the damage it causes to the worm population. My lottie manager (starling) and badgers are very partial to worms. Starling got more than a dozen wormlets in his beak when I was weeding the strawberries Tuesday evening.

Good growing everyone.

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Hello Carol .

Nice to meet you too , it’s a shame about the sound but hopefully you’ll manage to sort it by the next time .

I haven’t you copper yet but soon I must , the leaves of the beans in the polyculture plot got nibbled badly .

We have unlimited water in our allotments but not everyone allotment have the water trough close , maybe 8 out of 30 .

I’ve tried to use water wisely , tried to catch it and store some with barrels and ‘ ponds ‘ but still a long way .

The allotments after 3 years still look like work in progress :) .

Good growing season to all !

Hi Carol Sorry I couldn't join you today. I work 9-5.30pm and had meetings over the lunch hour today :( Will have a good look at those slug trials now... :)

Hi Carol,

thanks for joining us and joining in with the call so creatively!

The next Experimenters call will be 9 am UK (10 am CET) on July 4th. More details to follow soon. It will be great to hear you then if we can.

Thanks for sharing those links. The Garden Organic one is especially interesting.

For others who might be interested in slugs, the RHS are also running some experiments (not participatory) on some of the traditional slug trap methods that growers use.

Hope we get a bit of rain soon to alleviate your watering problems!

Kind regards, Naomi

Hi Carol

Just to let you know I have moved your slug post to the Experiments Topic (in case you can't find it).

Thanks for the links, my mum grows hostas so is always looking for ways prevent them being eaten by slugs without using pellets!

It was a shame I couldn't make the first meet-up but I should be at the rest so look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes, Victoria