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Hi. My technical problems are, 5 sensors does not update the firmware, and 1 been working for few weeks and now have a problem to connect. Thank you Veronika Mc Nulty


Hi Veronika

Are you connected to the internet when trying to update the firmware and what error message do you receive?

What is the error message you receive trying to connect the other sensor?

Many thanks



We've got similar issues with some of our sensors. Concerning the firmware update, the error message is "Aktualisierung fehlgeschlagen" in German, so probably something like "Update failed" in English.

When trying to connect the sensor that has been working in the past and now stopped, no error message is shown. I can just see in the Flower Power App that it doesn't connect and that I thus cannot access the data.

Thanks for looking into those issues!

Kind regards, Tatjana

I tried to install one of my sensors, updated the firmware, but then the sensor did not connect/show up on my phone. Any way to bring it back to life or to reset the sensor?