Sensors not online

General Discussion

Hi everyone, greetings from Austria. Some of my sensors are not showing up on growobservatory. I was just wondering what might be the reason for that?! I can see them in the flowerpower app, but not here... Cheers, Andreas


Hi Andreas,

Have you linked your Flower Power and GROW accounts? Instructions to do that are here.

Sensors can take a couple of days to appear in your GROW account. If you have connected the accounts more than a couple of days ago and they are still not appearing please contact our techinical team at: so they can investigate.

Best wishes Victoria

Hello Andreas. I'm from the GROW technical team. I can see that you have already connected your Flower Power account. We'll have a look and see why some of your sensors are not showing on the website.

How many sensors do you have? And how many do you see on the website?

Hi again Andreas. It looks like there is no data in the database for some of your sensors. Could you please look in your Flower Power app to see if the missing sensors are showing data there?