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Hi all

I'm just not getting on too well with these at all. Had sensors placed and they just stopped 'connecting', kept telling me to move closer! Replaced 2 and put hanging basket over the top in case it had been damage caused by dogs, kids etc. They worked grand until I encountered the same problem. I left it a day and then they worked. However they both stopped working for a significant period now. I just changed the battery even tho one says 49%, the other says nothing. When I opened the battery compartment, the sensor was full of water. Neither of these sensors have been placed in places which pool water. I am in a very exposed, very wet, storm prone I just give up??

Anyone else having this degree of bad luck. I've other sensors waiting to go in,but I'm reluctant and wondering if they'd not be better going to someone else!!!!

Help!! I'm frustrated. Lol


Hello Claire. I'm sorry you have been having such bad luck with the sensors. It sounds like a combination of problems. We have heard about other problems from water damage. We have also heard about problems with sensors that stop connecting to the phone. I suggest you empty the water from the sensors and see how it goes after a few days. How many sensors do you have in the ground currently and have you been able to download their up-to-date data to your phone? I would also suggest contacting your community champion about this.

Hi Claire, Which GROW Place are you involved in?

I found my sensor would not connect to my phone today - changed battery in case that was the problem - no better. E-mail to technical@growobservatory was bounced with a fail message. How do I go about obtaining a replacement ?