Sensor failure

Sensors and DIY

Hi. One of my sensors stopped detecting moisture levels last week showing the error message “No soil detected”. All other parameters are being detected OK. Have obtained a replacement sensor from our local Co-ordinator, Joanne. My second sensor is operating correctly.

I also recently had the “Cloud Analysis” problem on both sensors but this now seems to be resolved successfully. We reported this error to both Grow Observatory and Parrot.



Hi Ian, sorry to hear about this faulty sensor. Your Community Champion will keep records of faulty sensors. Did you send details to If not, I will pass on your post.

Hi Amanda. I didn’t send details to Technical Support so please do pass them on for me.

I did report the failure to our Local Champion, Joanne Butler, when I collected the replacement sensor from her yesterday. I hope you get the technical glitches sorted out soon.

I’m enjoying participating in the project and learning about the soil in my own garden. I look forward to seeing the final results and the bigger picture at the end of the survey.

Regards Ian