Sensor failing to connect

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Hi Everyone, I am no longer getting "connection in progress" message when I am trying to collect data from the sensor. I am just getting an updating symbol which never progressed after 10 minutes of waiting. Have tried on two separate occasions but still not able to connect to the sensor. I had read the weather could effect the speed of collecting data but could it effect connection as well?. Can anyone help? Many Thanks from Nicola in Nottingham where it is very wet and grey.


Hi Nicola. There are a couple of things you could try.

  1. Replace the battery. Even if it seems to have quite a high % left, it's possible it may stop responding when it gets down to around 20%.
  2. The sensor might be broken. This does happen occasionally. If it's still not updating after replacing the battery. Contact your community champion to ask for a replacement.

Thanks I'll try that