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Dunno if this is the right forum for this request -if not, please redirect- but i'm looking at data from the handful of sensors i have deployed on the Hub's "My Sensors" page, and i have some feedback about that page to give.

Overall: i like having this one-page overview of my deployment, and the way that it's laid out, with list of sensors running down the LH column, an embedded map display of pins representing my sensors at top of page, and then the values from selected sensor below that, in form of both snapshot of current (last updated) values for sunlight, moisture and temperature, and also a histogram that illustrates how those values have changed over time.

My problem with this page is: the list of sensors at left gives no clue as to which sensor each listed item is talking about; in fact all 4 sensors that i have deployed are named in exactly the same way on this list (".Serial Number:"), as if i have not given names to the sensors -although i have done, in the FlowerPower app that is intermediating this data flow. The only clue this webpage gives as to the unique ID of each sensor seems to be in the URL bar of my browser, where there's an ID appended after the URL of the page (e.g.,,) but those codes were not defined by me, and bear no relation to any meaningful attribute of the particular sensor, as far as i can tell.

So i must ask: is this a bug in the page, or is there something else i must do to make this page display those IDs that i have assigned to my sensors? Please advise, or else direct me to someone who can. Thanks!


Hi Walt. This is a bug in the page and we hope to have it fixed within the next two weeks. There are also a couple of other improvements planned to the page in the next couple of weeks - you will be able to view more then ten sensors and you will be able to reposition sensors if they are showing in the wrong location.

Great to hear, Sarah; thanks for sharing this encouraging news. To have movable pins is more than i dared ask...

But while we're on the topic of Map (in for a penny, in for a pound, eh? :-), is there any reason why this map needs to be limited to Street View? Since it's a Google Map embed, it could probably present the option of selecting Satellite View or Hybrid (i.e. Satellite with Streets overlay), as per standard interface... Which would certainly present a more relevant view to GROW place operators like myself, whose landscapes are more rural than urban.

Another way to skin this cat would be to implement the Google Map embed as a module that can be separated from the page at the user's option. Many sites embed Google Maps in this way, as they do with other Google apps (e.g. YouTube) as well. Or: let us export the map as a .KML file that can be opened in Google MyMaps.

Not to be telling developers how to do their jobs, because i am no developer; just brainstorming here potential ways that the Map feature could be made more useful, because -as it stands- this seems an unnecessarily limited view. Any refinements you might make along such lines will be much appreciated!

Further to my last, little PS here just to say: thanks to Sarah & team for fixing those top-3 problems with the page, i.e. :

  • unique identifiers for each sensor;
  • a comprehensive list of sensors (not limited to 10); and
  • Google Map embed with satellite view option.

Check, check and check. Nice work, web dev team!