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Hi, My name is Jenni.

My husband and I are on the less popular side of 60 years old but don'r feel it - well, not all the time, anyway!

We live on a small holding in Mid Wales and are gradually converting it from livestock use to predominantly for growing plant foodstuffs for our four generation family/ We keep have hens plus a handful of pedigree pedigree sheep for high value fleece and natural manure production but do not keep livestock for meat production. We sell some of our excess foodstuffs and and give quite a lot to friends and neighbours.

My aim is to bring the whole holding into more productive use and perhaps open some of it up to others who live in town flats etc. and have nowhere to garden.

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Hi Jenni, your small holding sounds amazing! And your switch from livestock to plants is interesting. I'm on the GROW outreach team, and I'd love to write something about it for the GROW audience, with a few photos. If you're interested, send an email with 'For Chris WB' in the subject line to Thanks and best wishes.