Rue plant near my experiment area



I've just realised that there are two or three (or maybe it's all the same plant, I don't know) rue plants (Ruta graveolens) beside my experiment plots. I don't know how I missed them before, as they smell quite a bit! Should I remove them? I don't know if they would affect the experiment, since they are near some of the plots (polyculture and radishes) and not the others. I suspect they might be good against pests or maybe they affect the growing in a negative way. Does anyone know? In all I've been reading lately about gardening, nobody seems to have mentioned this plant in either way...


Hi Valeria .

I’ve looked into companion plants for rue on permaculturenews website and they said it’s good for roses , raspberries and fig trees and dislikes basil .

Haven’t grown it before so don’t know more .

Best wishes .

Oh, thanks Ionut! I have all of these here and there, so if there not good for the experiment area (and I tend to think it's not, since it's not near all the plots) I can replant it near my roses, raspberries or the poor overgrown, fig-laden ig tree.

Hi All. I like the permaculturenews website too but sometimes find it a bit long winded in finding a quick answer. I have this list on my bookmarks and it says Rue can cause skin irritations so be careful. I search by pressing ctrl f and entering the name of subject into the find box.

Hope it helps

That's an interesting one, thanks Valeria. If it's within 50 cm of your plots and you are able to relocate it, that would be great.

Sounds like the raspberries and roses might benefit, sage and cabbage won't. I like the Plants for a Future site which has comprehensive info including references to sources. See the section on "cultivation" for some info on companion planting.

Thanks, Naomi