Record Sheet????


Is there a record sheet I am supposed to be filling in to record when I water, weed, feed etc? I recall a discussion about this on one of the forums for the Futurelearn course and had thought that one was going to be made available but can't seem to locate. Just need to know if I need to be recording anything now I've sown the seeds, or whether all you need is the harvesting information now. Thanks in advance for help!


Hi Caroline

Apologies we have had some delays in adding the recording sheets on the website but hopefully they should be up soon at: and an email will be sent when they are ready.

There will be a space to enter any other information along with the harvesting data. If you are able to keep a record of things like watering, feeding etc. that would be great but it's not essential for the Experiment.

I used to be quite diligent with keeping records of my growing, especially the cacti and succulents I grow, but have slipped in recent years as life has got busier...

Best wishes


Thanks Victoria, good to know I've not missed anything essential. I'm going to try and keep a record but with the weather lately I might lose count of the watering!