Protecting sensors from grazing livestock?

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I will be locating sensors in sheep pasture & am looking for inspiration! What solutions have people found effective to protect sensors from damage by livestock?


In all the sward production studies I ran we restricted grazing with a wire cage surrounded by a low fence. For small sensors an inverted wire shopping basket (pinned down) should suffice - try it without the sensor for a few days first as stock "curious" to say the least. You'll also need to cut any grass growth back from time to time.

Oh i like the idea of shopping basket or a small wire cage ... i must check what we have around ?

Interesting solution, but could be quite costly at scale. I've got 320 sensors to deploy, a good few of which will be in pastures that are grazed by sheep, and i don't know if i can afford cages for all those sensors.

Alternatively: i wonder if i can pull the sensors from the paddock (mobile electric fence-enclosed area of some 500 m2) when the sheep go in, and then put them back once the sheep have moved on a few days later? This poses a challenge about making sure the sensor goes back in the exact same position, but i think i can improvise a cheap placemark solution, assisted by mobile GPS mapping software (MapMaker Pro on my iPhone) to easily find pegs in the ground.

What i don't know is to what extent my proposed solution will compromise integrity of data for purposes of GROW observatory. Can anyone offer an opinion as to that?

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